Tangled or Weaved?


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Do you sometimes feel like a tangled plate of spaghetti and other times feel like a weaved carpet. If you literary think of the feelings like the two examples, you instantly have “delicious” and “beautiful” in your mind or a total confused, marshy with no clear directions feeling. I like the fact that i can use these examples to bring out the deeper meaning of our feelings.  It’s more about attitude.  More like the mostly used “half glass full or empty theory”.

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A friend and I had coffee recently and we were catching up on life.  Like where are you with? What’s happening and all.  It’s during such conversations you sometimes realize that life has been so good than you thought and also get to identify that which has been nagging you and you could not put a finger to it.  As we were talking, i made a reference to a plate of spaghetti.  Have you looked at one closely? A plate of spaghetti is a plate full of nutrients, looks appetizing, smells so good and just screams – “eat me now”.  The spaghetti strands also look so confused, with no directions, intertwined and kind of forced to be together. You cannot tell where each strand of spaghetti begins and ends if you don’t pull it out individually.  We looked at each other and said, yes, that is so true. We were both feeling “spaghetti” in our own different ways. You can actually use a plate of spaghetti to describe two different feelings.

The first scenario is when you look at the plate and it’s beautiful, delicious, appetizing, smells so good and screams “eat me”.  That is how we look to the world. We are perfect and beautiful, full of hope to the eyes of others and an envy to many.  The second scenario is when the plate filled with these confused strands of spaghetti, intertwined with no direction.  That is mostly how we feel inside.  The truth is, we are both of the scenario at different times and all we need to do is pull a strand at a time, identifying it and give it direction. The spaghetti strands represent our thoughts, our obstacles, our challenges, our decision making process, our solving problems skills.   By pulling each one of the strands, you identify those things one by one and address them. By the time our coffee was done, three hours later ;), we had helped each other appreciate where we are and identify those areas that needed our attention.  I wonder how this world would be without a sister- aah! (Sigh with a huge smile).

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Then i went home and thought of a carpet and tried to fit it to the above analogy. A carpet is weaved when spaghetti are cooked.  Threads, colours and a pattern are carefully selected. Someone then seats down and puts each thread to it’s right place tightly weaving and forming a beautiful pattern. Gradually you have a firm, hard, stable, even, beautiful piece of so many threads of different colours intertwined together. Before the spaghetti are cooked, they are a bunch of long, straight hard, neat sticks. To bring out the good in them, they have to be cooked to get them soft and then served on a plate looking so confused but very delicious.  On the other hand, the carpet is not weaved in a few minutes. There is plenty of work to make as beautiful, firm and durable as possible carpet.

I realized that we all have to feel like a spaghetti to be able to weave our lives into a beautiful carpet.  I also realized that all this helps to build us to something better every time. So any time you feel meeh… or like a plate of spaghetti, just know your opportunity to become a beautiful carpet is ripe. Pick your strands, identify the strong ones, colour them, come up with a pattern (plan) and begin to weave your carpet.

Life if good.

Dedicated to my dear friend Wangeci from Gachungua.


Riding the Crimson Wave

I learned how to ride a bicycle when i was pretty young. It was a stolen one from my friend Soni’s Dad. Soni had a brother just a year older than us. We grew up in the same village and went to the same school. I never had a brother, so we kind of shared Soni’s bro for our tomboy adventures. Their Dad was a teacher and rode the black mamba to school and back everyday but when he needed to go to town, he left it at home. Those were the days going to town was ceremonial. It only happened when coffee farmers had been paid or the few salaried men and women got paid. They were the children’s best days as we got to eat pork/meat. I miss those days, i surely do. Anyway, those are the days when we got the chance to ride the Black Mamba. We would line up to get a chance to ride and Soni and her brother would chose the lucky ones to get the ride. That is how i joined the two wheels club. However, those days, we only cared to have a pair of shorts or trouser under your dress so as not to show the forbidden to the public. There was never any other worry.

Then you grew up and you have all these changes, the body, the size, the interests, the ambitions, hobbies, careers, family and then, Cousin Red. That unwelcome, unexpected and arrives without notice. Don’t get me wrong, not your family member or friend. Your “Cousin Red”! Ladies are getting it am sure but guys you are forgiven if you are still clueless. After crushing Soni’s Dads bicycle, i took a break from riding. I never got to learn to swim either because, “our pool” (read river) was only reserved for boys and girls were forbidden from ever getting close not unless it was time to fetch water and firewood. Which time the boys would be away herding cattle and cutting nappier grass. So i left the village before enjoying River Thagana.

crimson wave

See, i missed the two opportunities to know how to handle Cousin Red on two wheels and pool. The third opportunity came along when i got my motorbike. Cousin Red dictates a 5 days leave every month from my motorbike, for reasons my follow MotorGirls will understand. I took the leave for the first couple of months and after politely explaining several times that am not riding the motorbike this week because am “Riding the Crimson Wave”. (Ooh damn, sounds like i had a superior brand than Harley’s (God drop that Harley my way) i had to re-evaluate my myths, taboos, i can’t, i don’t, i and i and i and i. Well, this didn’t come without a lesson. I once defied the leave orders and got caught up in the rain, actually storm, Kenyan version. My pretty, soft, scented, very comfortable cotton airplane had been well painted but with the rain, the paint begun to drip. Yes, down my Kevlar jeans in total disregard of the fact that (1) I needed them the following day as my plan was still to defy the orders, (2) The fact that they are very expensive and so i only own one pair and (3) Damn it, there will be no black out when I get home and so everyone will see my now looking like tie and dye kevlars. The rest of my ride home was mainly spent planing how to get into the apartment without being noticed. Thanks God for journey mercies.


I have since made “Spirit Stick” my five day vacation friend. Talk of a genius who invented this term, it is backed by the teachings of a church, if you are a church person, bears a spiritual name, and defines the real experience, connection, benefits and joy of the stick. The Moon Unity Church of southwestern New Mexico, which the term is derived from, believed that that tampons allow women to connect their inner selves with the outside world. Now, how sweet is that? Huh!!

And I as a MotorGirl and all other MotorGirls we say….. It is TRUE.

Ride on MotorGirls.

#243 Reason. Why am riding around the world. Reason 5 – REDISCOVERING THIS WOMAN


To be honest i don’t think i will rediscover myself out there.  This has already started but i know much more will happen while on the road.  In October 2015 i did three things.  I trained to ride a motorcycle,  quite a job i loved (but hated the politics) and also got hired in another company.  I felt good about myself and thought i have me in control because, how many do it like i did. The truth is, this feeling was wrong, i was far from that.  I was what i did not know i was and was what i thought i was.  One year later (Oct 2016) i had quit two more jobs making it 3 in one year.

Though i was running my hosting business which has been amazing as I meet people from all over the world, i kind of started feeling like something was a miss.  I had also moved from “single” to “in a relationship”. I was also deep in to planning our world tour.  A lot had happened in one year.

I have lately been feeling like am being prepared for the next me. The next phase of my life. The next brand. The next that i don’t know yet. I can not think of a better way to explain this feeling, other than the shedding of old skin by a snake.  Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin. As a snake grows, its skin becomes stretched and so is our lifes. As we grow, we get stretched, we need change.

And the reason why, this makes the best analogy.  The shedding of the skin represents  further growth, doing away with what has not been working for you or is not necessary anymore (the parasites), to realign your stretched life in order to focus on the new you and fit it well to the new responsibilities, task, lifestyle, and much more depending on the phase you are in life.  Leaving the old and becoming new.

I am in this process right now and with the world tour, i hope to rediscover this woman and position her where God is taking her. And that is another reason why am riding around the world.

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#243 Reasons why i am riding around the world – Reason 4 – TO EXPERIENCING THE LOVE IN THE WORLD

Wai-Fun-Yaki Bikers house 10. Photo credit to A.K Hosting bikers from our bikers house group at our home. The day we leave bikes at home and just have mad fun.

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Its been slightly over one year planning for this trip. Our trip will last three years, or slightly more. When the idea came up, we quickly without much thought settled on it and we were so excited. We knew it was going to be quite some planning, but nothing like what we know now. Nothing whatsoever prepared us for the work, lessons, ups and downs that would come with the planning. Also, nothing prepared us for the overwhelming LOVE that we would experience as we plan for this trip and even travel.

We have never planned such a trip before and it has been a journey of many things and many experiences but i want to focus on the LOVE. Let me first tell you that the logistics can be overwhelming.  We are talking route planning around the world in to all seven continents and through over 50 countries. Budget planning, raising funds, getting contacts and researching on various topics.

There is so much love in the world. More than you have experienced or would ever think“. Yeah, you would say “I have read that somewhere” but i will tell you, we have experienced it. We have reached out for help numerous time but we have received overwhelmingly so much help, love, prayers in our planning that we have ever asked for.  We already have been offered accommodation and other kinds of support different countries. Some from people we know or have interacted with as we plan and others from people we don’t know and they just read our story.

We got our planning worksheet with data and information for free from someone who had traveled from Kenya to Brazil on their car. People have bought our T-shirts, supported in kind and cash. They have stood with us and been there for us.

This world is full of wonderful people, kind hearts, loving souls and beautiful magical experiences.  Experiencing this everyday, from all corners (ooh the world is round) of the world is worth the trip and that is another reason why i will ride around the world.

#243reasons why am riding around the world. Reason no. 3 MY COUNTRY, MY HOME


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If you have been to our website (http://throttleadventures.com/about-us/) you know our trip is all about our country. To take Kenya out there, tell the story of Kenya and represent Kenyans.

Being the first Kenyans and Black Africans to take up such an adventure, questions like “where are you from? and tell us bout your country: will be the order of the day. What an amazing opportunity to speak about our country to the world. I can feel the pride already. It’s unfortunate that the world hears a lot bad of our country than good. We are going to tell the world that Kenya is a lot of good than bad

243 Reason – why am riding around the world – Reason 2 – PRESSING THE RESET BUTTON

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Pressing the reset button

We all have a story of “I did not do it, life happened or I really wanted to do it but life happened or I wish I could do it but life !!”

When I talk about our 3 years adventure trip, am asked; you are going to leave everything for three years? The truth is, I am leaving 43.5 years behind and moving to a brand new new life ahead. Am pressing the reset button. Am starting a fresh. It’s going to be like day one of life again. Am selling everything I have owned, loved and held onto. Held onto because of the memories and sentimental value on them.

My memoir and sentimental value on those items will go away to new owners and homes. That’s a hard separation but am ready for it. Wrapping up my memories and sentiments. Selling some and giving out others. Giving them new homes and new lovers (am hoping). So far, I only have a small suitcase with albums, certificates and that’s it. That’s all that is my 43.5 years and I will leave it with my sister. Am taking my savings and leaving. Am leaving everything I know, love, had behind.

Am going to the all new, the unknown, THE ADVENTURE. It’s like I have finished the first book and now on to write my second one. It’s not easy. Not easy at all. I have my highs and lows. For now, when I feel like that, I pray and pray and pray. Am learning to let go the old and embrace the new. Am pressing my reset button. You can too. It does not matter where you are in life, how old you are. That dream you have can be achieved. #beingbold #newlife #goals #womenpower#yourpower #newbeginnings #empowered #inspire #impact

243 Reasons – Why am going to ride around the world – Reason 1: FOR ME AND MY KIDS.

Its exactly 243 days to the departure of the world Bike tour. I will share one reason everyday, why am doing the trip.
Let’s call it #243reasons.

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I am doing this for me and my kids. You are asking how? How for my kids when am leaving them behind for the next 3 years. Am a part time mom. You didn’t know that, right? I have spent very little time with my kids in their total life time. We are however best of friends and when we are together, we have the best of time. Being a part time mom means I impact my kids mainly through my actions. Through what I do. Through things we do together. This trip is to teach my kids to break through, to be badass, to be go getters, to dream big, to go head on, to have faith, to live without the box, to believe, to want and to work hard. To never give up, to not procrastinate, to making their dreams come true. To work hard and to never give up. To be positive. To live a healthy and positive life. To make and keep good friends. To TRAVEL.To learn and to embrace the good. To believe and trust in God always. To not being me but to being better than me. To believing in love and family.