516 Days of Riding, 516 Lessons.

Before you actually ride a motorbike, you have some ideas and even images of what kind of a bike you want to ride, even how hot you will look on it and how thrilling those speeds are gonna be.  There is something sexy and badass about bikes and you know you gonna make heads turn and you can’t wait for the moment.

My idea and image of my bike and how i was gonna look was something like this.  I laugh when i look at this. Both the size and bike was a big dream. It’s not totally thrown out, it’s achievable. I walk away singing Ozzy Osbourne”s song “Dreamer”.


I had been driving for close to 20 years and had had a stint with rally cars. Thanks to Azar Anwar for your guidance and sorry i did not end up competing. This is a story for another day.


I am going to tell you that your good imagination and actual riding are two different worlds.  One, i thought i would train in two days or so, WRONG. The circles and cones kept me longer on the training grounds. I also thought my first bike was going to be a sports bike of not less than 600 cc, ha ha ha i will not even ride one now that i know what i know about me. My speeds are capped at 100 kph and 120 kph max. But i must say am getting closer to the 600 cc though not on a sports bike.

I bought my first bike below on the second lesson of my training. The irony of this story is, i still could not ride and when the bike was delivered in my office, i had to look for help to get it home. This baby was my first love and really took me to places. He is my first in to many places and things in riding.


Then after several rides out of town, i felt ready for a bigger bike.  I have also learned my kind of riding and i know its not sports bike. I really wanted a KTM Duke 390, my bank manager called me crazy for choosing beyond my means and refused me to access a loan for the bike.  It’s still my dream.  I then went to Royal Enfield and returned to my bank manager and he said, you need medication, the only difference is the name of the bike.  He is not a biker and all he knows are numbers with such as Kshs, $$,€,£,¥ before them. He said we can’t fund this so again, i left. Then i bumped in to King Bird.  Chinese bike and yes i can read you mind and you are wrong.  I settled on the KB 400 cc. Though i had an eye on their RX3. This bike is really good.  I call it Bad Boy because its really a bad boy and am the badass.


Over my riding period, i have grown in confidence, experience and skills.  I am now focusing on off road riding training. I have invested in this one to get me to the rocky places.


I have done several solo rides out of the city, gotten comfortable with my mates – matatus on the road, i have pillioned, i have dropped my bike several times and learned to pick them up on my own. I have mentored a successful 5 new riders who are now licensed and riding.   Its been awesome 516 lessons in 516 days.

I am grateful to my family and friends who have been there with me enjoying rides together and learning from each other.  You are all so awesome. Special thanks to my instructor – John of Inked Bikers. You have been so supportive even after my training.

Lets Ride On!

Out of my city, wheeling the world.


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