Dancing in the Rain


This year begun on a hot and dry note. Last year mid January it was raining. This year, I have watched my kitchen garden go from green to brown in just a few days. I actually thought there were several months between December, 2016 and January, 2017 or someone came and sprayed Round-up on my sukumawiki (kale) and spinach.

At the end of Jan, I rode to Nyeri and the fields had no crop and the little that was there, had no signs of survival.  To avoid it drying up completely and going to waste, they harvested it for the animals. Storage tanks had no water and rivers almost drying up.  Women and children with jerry cans going to fetch water, animals looking frail from not enough feed and water.  Honestly a really gloomy picture.  On the same day I arrived in Nyeri, the clouds gathered and we were all hopeful for some much needed rain.  However, they quickly disappeared without a drop.  The following day, they gathered again, this time darker and heavier.  A light shower followed and me being me, quickly put a colourful post on Facebook, “It’s raining, yeah”.  Majority who commented, wished it could rain where they were too.

My home in Nyeri when its green.

After four days at the county side, it was time to ride back to the city. The clouds gathered early, on this day.  Very dark and heavier. Not to offend anyone who was thanking God already for the downpour that was going to be, I silently prayed for it not to rain. . I had no rain gear and with over 120 kms ahead on a motorbike, the rain was not welcome.

A friend had ridden from Nairobi so that we could ride back together.  Bikers are awesome.  It was heading to 3:00 p.m and i was getting distressed looking at the clouds. My friend had not arrived though had called not so long ago to confirm directions.

“He looks so cute in his gear, we need a picture”. That was my mom, as soon as Benso stepped in to the kitchen where mom was sitting. She had this big smile on her face. My mom had been unwell for some time and i had not seen that bright face and smile in the couple of days i had been there.   Benso was wearing the full leather motorcycle suit with his helmet just resting on his head, not fully worn and his long locks loosely falling on his shoulders.  He had been the God sent gift to my mom.  I felt relieved leaving on that day.  She was happy.  By the time we left, it was already past 3:00 p.m, the clouds had moved without a drop and I was thankful to God.  What we dint know is, the rain was still to rain before our journey ended.

Image courtesy of Google         (Dark clouds)

As soon as we hit exit 12 on Thika road, the downpour begun, cats and dogs. What followed was, almost zero visibility, flooded roads, getting thoroughly drenched, singing, talking and sometimes cursing under my helmet. In an instant he was dripping wet too, we were twerking right and left on the tarmac. I tried everything but he kept slipping out. I had no idea Bad Boy knew how to wiggle it. He had never showed me this sexy side of him.  Since dumping Karizma for his bad legs (ducks for safety), I mean, they got very slippery with just  a little moist. I thought I had made a really good choice of pretty legs with a good grip. I forgot good or tight, everything is slippery when wet. I kept singing Dancing in the moonlight – by Toploader.  There was no moonlight, no feeling of warm and bright, it was as dark as hell.  However, the song turned out to be such a good mental company.

The legs with a good grip.

This was an unwanted anniversary moment.  Though it brought back some really good memories, it was weird to have the same happening again. Exactly one year, fifteen days ago, I got caught up in a similar storm. I was happy that this time I could ride through the storm and manage the not so normal and fun ride in the night.

It had been exactly 2 hours in the rain and finally i was at home, at least at the gate. The phone rang. He picked up immediately, “please open the gate for me”, I said.  A big sigh of relief from his end , “Oh Gashush, you don’t know how excited I am to hear your voice”.  I was cold, my hands freezing, could barely feel the handle bars.  I was shaking, but I was very happy to be home.  As I was calling, my phone sipped some water and would later die on me, but that was the only bad wet thing.

Lessons learned; – Brakes are no bae when its wet, sweet mental company is good, sing, talk, curse just don’t tense. I could not stop the rain, so i  enjoyed my dance in the rain.

Finally every day every ride is a lesson, be attentive.


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