All the way from Florida to show me Kenya

I have recently found myself more on travel and adventure groups than my usual cooking, parenting, car boot sales, eat out groups.  In the last couple of months i have joined a number of these groups that have a world wide community and different interests in travel such as motorcycle adventures, work as you travel, ladies only travel groups etc.

My favorite find is    A well moderated group and has chapters according to interests and even age. There is help for any travel related question and concern here.

Lorrie and I are in the +35 (Girls LOVE travel®) chapter.When Lorrie posted that she was coming to Kenya, i reached out to her.  In the group, members often ask to meet other group members in the countries/cities/towns they are visiting.  Lorrie responded almost immediately.  We exchanged numbers. She was only going to have one day in Nairobi and then proceed for her Safari.  I was so pumped to meet a GLT girl.  I needed to make her day worth it.  I pulled out my guide skills and prepared a day’s itinerary which i shared with her.  Three out of my four activities are exactly what she had wanted to do in Nairobi on that day. I had, David Shedrick wild life trust, Giraffe Center, Lunch in between and dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant.  I was elated and at the same time worried. Worried because i have never been to two of the places i had suggested and she had picked.

10:15 a.m, i park my car at Lorrie’s hotel (She had said NO to my offer to ride with her on my bike).  I am 15 minutes late. That is not good. I am disappointed with myself but overly excited to meet this girl. I also realize i am not her guide, we are going to see places together. First time for both of us. I walk into the reception and as i wait to speak to the front office lady, Lorrie comes running with her arms wide open…”Wamuyu, oooh you look exactly like in your pictures, i could recognize you from my table”… she said. When her arms finally closed it was the sweetest, warm, genuine first hug i have ever had from anyone.  I could only compare it with hugs from my kids when they were little and they would squeeze me in their little arms and tell me “mommy, i love you”. Lorrie has traveled 7,996 miles for me to visit The Giraffe Center and Karen Blixen for the first time. I don’t know if to be utterly annoyed with myself for having never been to these places or be overly joyful that fate hand picked this girl all the way from Florida to come show me Kenya.

10:45 a.m, we are now at David Shedrick wild life trust. There are so many people. Little kids from kindergarten fascinate Lorrie that she almost forgets why we are here. She can’t stop telling me how cute they are. 11:00 a.m on the dot and the gates open. We join the queue, pay and head to the feeding spot where the viewing of the elephants happens for one hour only. Its therefore very important to keep time. Everyone wants a picture of these pretty creatures.  Its a bit of struggle to get a good position  to do so but everyone is kind to share the space and we get our shots and also give way to others. These baby elephants are so sweet, they let you pat them and I can’t imagine how it is like to receive love and sweet pats from millions of people from all over the world. I cannot tell you enough of this place.  You need to experience it.


The unconditional love

12:45p.m, We arrive at the Giraffe Center. Lorrie and i have never been here before. I was really worried that i would get lost getting there and would not know how to explain that to her. We have never kissed a giraffe before either. Our expectations of this place are exceeded. It’s just after valentines and it’s still all love and kisses for us. We come to an agreement that Kelly was the best kisser among them all. Although i could not post my photo as he looked like he was eating my entire face and not kissing. I would not mind coming back for more though. From elephants that receive millions of pats, these Giraffes receive millions of kisses from all over the world.

Kelly the sweet kisser

Lorrie is a professional Geocacher and we had several to find before we left the center. She had told me about this outdoor recreation activity.  I was curious to learn from one of the best Geocachers. We set foot in to the nature trail walk that i did not even know existed. This is one of the most exciting activity. You can just travel the world doing geocaching and you will visit many amazing places that have been discovered by other Geocachers.

In the woods for Geocaches

3:15 p.m, We arrive at the Karen Blixen museum.  Another one of the first. In a nutshell, its one story of a very bold and adventurous lady. Her life story is so intriguing. A former home for Karen Blixen and now a haven for her history. In there there is all about her and her love stories.

Karen Blixen Museum

By the time we left Karen Blixen, we had had an amazing 6 hours together and felt like we had known each other for a lifetime.  We later, headed back to Lorrie’s hotel for our lunch/dinner. Lorrie just like her name says (Lorrie ‘Bird’ LeBlanc) is a real bird. I left her at her home Aeroclub at 7:00 p.m with her fellow ‘birds’ in the hangars. She had successfully shown me Kenya and was ready to depart the following day for her Safaris.

I love you Lorrie. See you soon.


31 Replies to “All the way from Florida to show me Kenya”

  1. Nice read Wamuyu…. the giraffes kissing part was the best…” these Giraffes receive millions of kisses from all over the world.”

  2. I love this mama…. call me for the next, need an adventure in my life like yesterday…. kissing giraffes is fun, my kids loves it but I was afraid to do it

  3. Aww looks like you treated Lorrie to a great time. The giraffe kiss was so sweet! It sounds like you both are very gracious and kind people from your interactions!

    1. Thanks so much. We truly had an amazing time. This is so far my best travel experience and yet I never left home. I have decided to continue hanging out with more people visiting my country share time and experiences.

  4. I remember showing a friend around in Japan, and all he did was walking around with his eyes glued to the phone, trying to find all the geocaches. Great hobby, but can lead to not really seeing a place 🙂

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