A travel destination called Home.

We are born at a place called home, we grow up there, get natured, trained, educated, loved and belong. This place is all we know, the most traveled, the most explored, the most loved, the place with the most friends, the only friends we have may be. If we travel away, we go for hours or a few days and come back .

As we grow older, we start traveling away more, away to school (to some of us, it starts with boarding school) and you are in the boarding school for 3 months before you can visit home.  And then, you start to realize that school is more “home” and home is your new travel destination.  You look forward to taking that bus home at the end of school term and if you are lucky, for mid-term holidays which comes in the middle of the 3 school months.

Moving on to college/university, you now get a new home, its your hostel, shared apartment or with a host family. You no longer take 3 months to go home, that has increased to about 6 months. You now talk of “when you will be traveling home”. At this times, traveling home requires planning, buying tickets, parking, giving notice that you will be coming, getting emotional and excited at the same time. You post on your Instagram and Facebook page. Its a big deal.

The beautiful road home


You graduate from college/University and get a job and your own home. Now you work far away from home. May be even out of your country which makes it more difficult to visit home. Career demands, you have enrolled for your masters degree, time is scarce and so is money  and going home requires more planning including savings.  Traveling home becomes a holiday trip, its the place that you have the most peace at the least expenses.  Its a place that comes with all the love. Its the place you no longer want to leave. You enjoy meeting your old friends like new friends, you enjoy doing what you did when you were young like new adventures. You know its your new Miami, your best travel destination for life.

Perfect bed
My best room and bed in the whole wide world. Moma’s home.

My home is in the countryside.  About 120 kilometers from Nairobi. It’s about 1.5 hrs by car or bike. I sometimes go with friends for a relaxing weekend. I have also taken some of my guests.  Natalie, a girls who was staying with on Airbnb spent a weekend shelling maize with my mom and in her review she said “She even invited me to her mother’s house near Nyeri, a highlight of my stay in Nairobi! Great host”. I took two other of my guests from Germany and they asked to learn how to greet my mom in my language.  Its a respectful traditional greetings for mothers (Greetings “Wakia maitu” and she will respond to a lady “Wakia iiyu” and to a guy (Wakia awa).  These are greetings from anyone young enough to call my mom, mother. My two guests had learned these greetings a night before and even mastered the pronunciation so well. My mom was so delighted she still asks how they are doing.

Let me take you through what is it like to have your weekend getaway here.

Cooking in the traditional 3 stone stove. Guest chef in the picture
Moon in the night
In the evenings/night, we get to watch the moon when its out.
The goats that keep mom busy.
And the cows that give my mom milk
Farm produce and the chef doing a catwalk

Home everyone’s best holiday destination.


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