Trail blazing women.


This is the tittle Victoria Rubadiri used to describe the four of us when she featured us in her show.

Several months later am back to watching this episode and could not agree more with the tittle.

In one of my interviews, i was asked which woman inspires me. I could not single out just one because all women inspire me. Starting with my mother, to my daughter, sisters, friends, colleagues. Each one has left a mark in my life.  I continue to meet women everyday and am amazed at their inspiring stories. These four here were just a representative of millions of women doing great stuff in the world.

And at the end of the show we also did some racing at the Go-kart track.

Peris, Wamuyu and Tuta.

On a different show (Cross Over 101) where i featured with yet another group of amazing women who ride.

From Left to right (Betty, Gugu, Faith(host), Wamuyu, Dj Mo (Host) and Grace.

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