Across Tanzania on my bike

Wamuyu Kariuki

I owe my trip to Tanzania to Anja Blue and Carsten Weisner .When Anja and Carsten started planning their riding tour from Kenya to South Africa, we agreed on riding together in Kenya from Naivasha to Lake Baringo.  My plans changed and i was not able to meet them for this ride.  They left Kenya while i was in Nyeri and i was so indebted.  I proposed to meet them in Kigoma- Tanzania and did not give this proposal much thought.  I just wanted to be with our friends and say a nobble good bye.

20170710_103203 Carsten, Anja our new friend in Kigoma and myself.


The first preparation i had to do was psychological. I needed to be sure am psychologically fit to do the trip. I had never ridden that long (distance and days) on my own.  There were going to be many “new” experiences for…

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