243 Reason – why am riding around the world – Reason 2 – PRESSING THE RESET BUTTON

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Pressing the reset button

We all have a story of “I did not do it, life happened or I really wanted to do it but life happened or I wish I could do it but life !!”

When I talk about our 3 years adventure trip, am asked; you are going to leave everything for three years? The truth is, I am leaving 43.5 years behind and moving to a brand new new life ahead. Am pressing the reset button. Am starting a fresh. It’s going to be like day one of life again. Am selling everything I have owned, loved and held onto. Held onto because of the memories and sentimental value on them.

My memoir and sentimental value on those items will go away to new owners and homes. That’s a hard separation but am ready for it. Wrapping up my memories and sentiments. Selling some and giving out others. Giving them new homes and new lovers (am hoping). So far, I only have a small suitcase with albums, certificates and that’s it. That’s all that is my 43.5 years and I will leave it with my sister. Am taking my savings and leaving. Am leaving everything I know, love, had behind.

Am going to the all new, the unknown, THE ADVENTURE. It’s like I have finished the first book and now on to write my second one. It’s not easy. Not easy at all. I have my highs and lows. For now, when I feel like that, I pray and pray and pray. Am learning to let go the old and embrace the new. Am pressing my reset button. You can too. It does not matter where you are in life, how old you are. That dream you have can be achieved. #beingbold #newlife #goals #womenpower#yourpower #newbeginnings #empowered #inspire #impact

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