Its exactly 243 days to the departure of the world Bike tour. I will share one reason everyday, why am doing the trip.
Let’s call it #243reasons.

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You can also read about our riding around the world here 

I am doing this for me and my kids. You are asking how? How for my kids when am leaving them behind for the next 3 years. Am a part time mom. You didn’t know that, right? I have spent very little time with my kids in their total life time. We are however best of friends and when we are together, we have the best of time. Being a part time mom means I impact my kids mainly through my actions. Through what I do. Through things we do together. This trip is to teach my kids to break through, to be badass, to be go getters, to dream big, to go head on, to have faith, to live without the box, to believe, to want and to work hard. To never give up, to not procrastinate, to making their dreams come true. To work hard and to never give up. To be positive. To live a healthy and positive life. To make and keep good friends. To TRAVEL.To learn and to embrace the good. To believe and trust in God always. To not being me but to being better than me. To believing in love and family.

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