#243 Reasons why i am riding around the world – Reason 4 – TO EXPERIENCING THE LOVE IN THE WORLD

Wai-Fun-Yaki Bikers house 10. Photo credit to A.K Hosting bikers from our bikers house group at our home. The day we leave bikes at home and just have mad fun.

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Its been slightly over one year planning for this trip. Our trip will last three years, or slightly more. When the idea came up, we quickly without much thought settled on it and we were so excited. We knew it was going to be quite some planning, but nothing like what we know now. Nothing whatsoever prepared us for the work, lessons, ups and downs that would come with the planning. Also, nothing prepared us for the overwhelming LOVE that we would experience as we plan for this trip and even travel.

We have never planned such a trip before and it has been a journey of many things and many experiences but i want to focus on the LOVE. Let me first tell you that the logistics can be overwhelming.  We are talking route planning around the world in to all seven continents and through over 50 countries. Budget planning, raising funds, getting contacts and researching on various topics.

There is so much love in the world. More than you have experienced or would ever think“. Yeah, you would say “I have read that somewhere” but i will tell you, we have experienced it. We have reached out for help numerous time but we have received overwhelmingly so much help, love, prayers in our planning that we have ever asked for.  We already have been offered accommodation and other kinds of support different countries. Some from people we know or have interacted with as we plan and others from people we don’t know and they just read our story.

We got our planning worksheet with data and information for free from someone who had traveled from Kenya to Brazil on their car. People have bought our T-shirts, supported in kind and cash. They have stood with us and been there for us.

This world is full of wonderful people, kind hearts, loving souls and beautiful magical experiences.  Experiencing this everyday, from all corners (ooh the world is round) of the world is worth the trip and that is another reason why i will ride around the world.

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