#243 Reason. Why am riding around the world. Reason 5 – REDISCOVERING THIS WOMAN


To be honest i don’t think i will rediscover myself out there.  This has already started but i know much more will happen while on the road.  In October 2015 i did three things.  I trained to ride a motorcycle,  quite a job i loved (but hated the politics) and also got hired in another company.  I felt good about myself and thought i have me in control because, how many do it like i did. The truth is, this feeling was wrong, i was far from that.  I was what i did not know i was and was what i thought i was.  One year later (Oct 2016) i had quit two more jobs making it 3 in one year.

Though i was running my hosting business which has been amazing as I meet people from all over the world, i kind of started feeling like something was a miss.  I had also moved from “single” to “in a relationship”. I was also deep in to planning our world tour.  A lot had happened in one year.

I have lately been feeling like am being prepared for the next me. The next phase of my life. The next brand. The next that i don’t know yet. I can not think of a better way to explain this feeling, other than the shedding of old skin by a snake.  Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin. As a snake grows, its skin becomes stretched and so is our lifes. As we grow, we get stretched, we need change.

And the reason why, this makes the best analogy.  The shedding of the skin represents  further growth, doing away with what has not been working for you or is not necessary anymore (the parasites), to realign your stretched life in order to focus on the new you and fit it well to the new responsibilities, task, lifestyle, and much more depending on the phase you are in life.  Leaving the old and becoming new.

I am in this process right now and with the world tour, i hope to rediscover this woman and position her where God is taking her. And that is another reason why am riding around the world.

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