You are reading this because you are already on Women Riders World Relay group on Facebook, but what if you are not in the group and don’t even ride a motorcycle? What if you ride a motorcycle and have not come across this great movement? What if this is your first time to come across the website or the online newsletter?

Women Riders World Relay Facebook group was started at the end of August 2018 but I first came across the group around December 2018 and immediately joined. On the about page, the founder Hayley Bell, from UK says; “I wanted to ignite a global sisterhood of inspirational women to promote courage, adventure, unity and passion for biking from all corners of the world and do something that’s never been done before to this scale”.  Before I could read all of the about page, which I highly recommend you do, I was totally sold.

I am traveling with my husband on two motorcycles. This came at the optim time for me as it has made it easy for me to meet other women riders as I ride around the world. It has enhanced safety, created confidence and comfort in ease of reaching out to women you have not met or known before.  We all know what it is like when you see that friend request from a stranger but in WRWR we are not strangers and it is very easy to connect either on the group or by sending each other personalized friend requests as we are all in the group with one mission; Global sisterhood of inspirational women”

I joined during the search for country ambassadors.  I quickly applied to be the Kenyan ambassador although I left this position to my fellow sister in Kenya who is well positioned to coordinate the relay. This immediately gave me access to the country ambassadors. At the time I was in Argentina and there was no Ambassador but when we entered Chile we connected with the first Ambassador Daniella Waldman Escala. Daniella and her partner had just returned from their long motorbike trip.  This connection was so magical that I wanted to meet all women who ride motorcycles in the countries I am traveling through including those traveling through those countries. Daniella offered us very helpful information on traveling by motorcycle and especially on our route as she and her partner had already done the route before.

Daniella and I in Chile.

So when we got into Bolivia, I quickly searched for the Ambassador in the group. Although I connected with Pamela two days before our departure from La’Paz, she was so kind to meet us and even escort us out of the busy La’Paz. The sisterhood in WRWR is beyond just the rides and meet up, “it’s Love beyond borders”. Pamela is a great  example of the selflessness the sisterhood of WRWR is.  It was not until we were saying goodbye to each other after the ride through the busy La’Paz on a sunny Sunday morning that she told us she had left her nine month’s old baby at home to see us safely out of La’Paz and spend some time with us.  That was extremely touching and something I will hold in my heart forever. I have read so many other touching stories from the group and you ladies are all truly beyond inspirational women, you are also selfless and loving badass women.

Pamella from Bolivia and I after escorting us out of La’Paz. I also got a patch.

Once out of La’Paz and almost entering Peru, I was back in the group to look for my Peruvian sisters. I got connected to Gianna and we quickly got chatting.  I had learned my lessons of preparing early but got someone who does it way better. After a few chats, we agreed I would let her know once we are close to Lima.  What we did not know is that she was preparing a really big welcome party for us. Once in Lima, we agreed on a day to meet up. Gianna turned up with more than 20 ladies on motorbikes from three riding clubs and a few guys to keep my husband company.  Riding through the city to go for Pizza dinner was so much fun. The evening did not only include dinner and chatting, there were some prizes and gifts that made it so much fun and memorable for all of us. We were speechless.  Lima was going to be home for about three weeks as we were processing visas too. Gianna and the Lima women riders made our stay so wonderful with more meet ups, rides and activities.


Gianna and I
The Women Riders of Lima – Peru
Receiving gifts

I am receiving so much love that I don’t want to see anyone miss on this. So I also take it to recruit other women that I meet in other women riders groups or on the road. I recently shared a video from our YouTube channel in one such group and a lady responded that she had been on the same road three days before my post. I reached out to her and we became Facebook friends. Priscila and her partner are on a motorbike tour of South America (all countries). They were 1,000 kms behind us but we were staying in one place for a couple of days and they were able to catch up with us.  We met and have been riding together since.  I recruited her into WRWR and in her own words “I don’t belong to many groups, thanks for the introductions, I love it.  Am happy I can meet other ladies these way too”.  We are already looking at our calendars to see if we can join the relay may be in Colobia. Fingers crossed.

Priscillah and I on the road
Having our high five moments on the road

I am now on the way to Ecuador to meet my sisters in Ecuador.  I have made a decision to visit all the sisters in the countries I am traveling through. I am living the blessings of WRWR. I am grateful and thankful for each and every girl in this group.

See you soon. Kisses, hugs and rides.



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