Eating in restaurants is very expensive. Although some countries are however cheaper than others, our currency does not make things any better. We are always paying a little more than the same items would cost back at home. We have just celebrated 1 year on the road on 1st July 2019 and have traveled through 16 countries.

If you have read my article on how to save and make money on the road, you know that we cook most of our meals or as much as we can. I have decided to share with you the meals I make hoping to help another traveler(s) pick a recipe or menu from here when stuck on what to make or just searching for meals to make on the road. All these meals are under 2$ for two people, so very budget friendly on the road. Outside the cities, the same meals cost way less.

I  will be picking three to four cheap and easy to find ingredients and turn them in to several meals. Here is my first blog. I will also share this on the YouTube channel so please subscribe to Wamuyu Kariuki Channel.


A quick to make healthy breakfast. The only item that’s needs cooking is the eggs. You can have them boiled or fried.

When we are staying in one place for a couple of days, we buy the items in big packs and store in the communal fridge. Buying in such packs is economical and saves us money and many trips to the shops. Some of the disadvantages of daily shopping are the temptations to buy items that were not in your budget hence spending more as well as not benefiting from the discount on volumes or numbers.

Breakfast 1

2 boiled eggs, two slices of bread (whole grain bread is recommended for its healthy benefits), half avocado, half a banana and coffee/tea.

Breakfast 2

One friend egg each, half avocado, half banana, tomato on one plate and bread on the other plate. It gives an option for anyone who has gluten intolerance or does not like bread.



On the day we are riding, we like to spend the least time in the kitchen. This sandwich makes for a perfect to go lunch for us and we can just seat by the road side and eat our lunch.  It’s also a perfect meal for vegetarians.

One tomato sliced in round shape, two boiled eggs(one for each sandwich), Avocado and a sprinkle of salt and pepper (optional).


This salad is yummy, healthy and the easiest salad you can make. Chopped tomatoes, avocado and boiled egg. A dash of salad oil (optional), salt and black pepper and you are good to go. It is best eaten fresh, so don’t pack this for later, you will not like it. For that reason, we eat it for dinner or on the days we are not riding.

These are my four ways of using the ingredients. If you have a receipt I can add on to the list, please share in the comment below.

I hope you have found something good for your next camping or overloading trip.

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