Corona Virus has successfully put the world on pause.  It has also brought change in our lives and successfully with no resistant implemented it.

Organizations have closed offices and have now implemented working from home.  Schools have closed and home and online schooling is the current norm. While a very small fraction was working from home, home schooling their children or doing online classes, at this time, it is the only available option for everyone.  Parents with no experience, no access to internet, with no teaching skills are grappling with this new change. This year’s candidates must be going through some panic levels.  Teachers must learn new ways of teaching online.

Businesses both small and big have been hard hit.  It is time to move online and home delivery.  People have lost jobs banks have more withdrawals than deposits.  The economy everywhere in the world is at a stand still.

The chaos in the travel sector is even worse.  I have witnessed so many tears and giving a hug is good but not so welcome at this time. We are a bunch of emotional,  homeless travelers in foreign countries with very limited options for getting home.   Sadly the only businesses that seems to be operating “business as usual” are hospitals.  They too have to deal with numbers beyond their capacity and are quite overwhelmed.  So are we going to see the home doctor and nurse visits come back?  I don’t know but it might just happen as hospitals can only take in so much.

There are gaps that will only last as long as the Corona Virus lasts and we need  to think about how to bounce back. There are changes that will be irreversible and they will become the new ways of life, our new culture!.  There are new laws that will be put in place.  I am thinking visa applications and travel at large is going to change distinctively.  All industries will have some significant changes from now.

I am very optimistic that we will get past the pandemic and that is why I am thinking the post corona virus. There are definitely going to be opportunities that are going to emerge from this phase of life and there are so many of us who need to grab them.  People have lost jobs and need to find new jobs or means of making an income. We need to bridge the gaps that corona virus has created.  Let’s get online tution and schooling for our kids, lets get the internet to the villages.  Lets offer the infrustructure for doing online business.  There is so much to think about and start working on.

I had a thoughtful moment with my husband and we recorded it in the video below.  Share your thoughts and helpful tips in the comment section.  Remember to follow my blog.

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