Riding a motorcycle at relatively high speeds results in the generation of wind noises as high as 115 A-weighted decibels (dBA). Research has shown that exposure to any wind noises above 85 dBA can result in hearing complications or even hearing loss. Thus, a rider needs to make their helmet quieter or acquire a quiet helmet.

When a helmet is quiet; riding becomes safer and enjoyable. Here some ideas on how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter.

  1. Use a Wind Blocker /Windjammer

Wind noise penetrates your helmet through the neck area; it is thus crucial to install a windjammer to prevent that. The windjammer is a padding that acts as a wind blocker sealing any space underneath your helmet. It does not only protect the rider against wind noise but also offers support during riding and protects the neck in case of a crash. Some of the motorcycle helmets available in the market today come with wind blockers.

  1. Using a Motorcycle Face Mask 

It is similar to wearing a scarf; it helps block out most of the wind noise. Try it, and you notice a significant noise reduction. It also protects the rider from debris, bugs, dust, and wind coming in from underneath their neck (source). We recommend using a versatile face mask made of lightweight and quality fabrics; this will also protect the rider from ultra-violent sun rays.

  1. Riding with the Visor Closed 

Closing the visor will help eliminate wind noises. It helps seal the opening on the helmet preventing wind noises from finding its way into the helmet. When riding flip the helmet visor and you will experience noise reduction when it is closed than when open.

  1. Make Sure Your Motorcycle Helmet Fits Well

The most crucial step for a quiet helmet is investing in a helmet that fits well. Correct size is not only crucial in protecting you in case of a crash but also helps to protect the rider from wind noise.

A helmet that does not fit well leaves gaps around your neck for wind noises to go in. For this reason, it is recommendable to get a helmet that fits in your head correctly. This will lessen the amount of wind noise resonating through the helmet.

  1. Using Earplugs 

It is quite challenging to be completely soundproof against wind noises; using earplugs is one of the most popular and convenient ways to lessen noise level. They can be worn with helmets from all brands. There is no need for a larger helmet to use them. It is quite hectic to take them off; that is why they are recommendable for long-distance rides or short distance rides with no stopovers.

  1. Use Noise Reduction /Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

These are special headphones that are designed and built to seal out helmet noise. They also allow one to listen to their favorite tunes on the go. Such brands as Ruckus Earbuds are very ergonomic and work with the majority of helmets.

  1. Acquire a Quiet Motorcycle Helmet

If you find it tough to use the above hacks, it is recommendable to acquire a quiet helmet such as these reviewed here. There are certain aspects you must consider that will help you get a good quiet helmet. You will realize that open-faced helmets are known to be noisier than others since they have a bigger opening. A full-face mask is efficient in eliminating wind while riding; they also have fewer ventilations.

Aerodynamics is also an important feature to consider when you want a quieter helmet since you want a helmet that has less resistance against wind. It is recommendable to go for a motorcycle helmet that is both sleek and smooth.

Conclusively, above are some of the modifications or actions you can take to make a motorcycle helmet quieter. Take action now and protect your hearing while going on that motorcycle riding adventure.


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