The helmet is the most important riding gear, why then, do manufacturers sell motorcycles and give these killer helmets?  Why?

You all know the helmets am talking about. Those yellow, red, orange ones that are an incentive for purchasing a bike. Buy this motorcycle and get a FREE HELMET.  They should actually say, BUY THIS MOTORCYCLE and WE GIVE YOU A KILLER HELMET.

Any helmet is better than none for sure and a cute, beautiful or pretty helmet does not equal to safety.  All helmets must meet the minimum safety standards.  Loss of a loved one, hospital bills or a life of disability can be prevented by having a good helmet that meets the safety standards.

I want us to be honest in this discussion and see how we can make it better for those who cannot afford an upward of Kshs 10,000 for a good helmet and be honest that these manufacturers and dealers are contributing to the death of riders.

A rider who is doing everything right.  Has all the gear, is a responsible rider on the road, has gone through their training but wears these KILLER helmets remains in danger.  He/she mostly does not know that what they are wearing on their heads is useless and so they wear it faithfully every day with every ride.

Most of these riders are commercial riders who have more than one pillion on their bikes.  When an accidents happen, we are talking of several lives lost, or several people in hospitals or several people who will never ever again be able to feed for themselves and their families.

Pillions should actually invest in their own safe helmets in my opinion. Be it a family, fried or commercial pillion.  You cannot place that responsibility on the rider. The fear of dirty helmet or catching a skin disease from a helmet should no longer be a reason for not wearing a helmet when you are riding as a pillion. Hygine is a personal responsibility.  For the lady pillions, it is important to educate them on having hairstyles that will not compromise their safety when they chose motorcycles as their preferred mode of transport or just get a helmet that fits their choice of hairstyle.

My dream is to see every rider in Kenya have ACCESS to SAFE, AFFORDABLE, HELMETS and all PILLIONS wear HELMETS.

Let’s talk about this.  Share your input after watching these video on the comment section below. Either on this article or on the video itself and let’s engage.

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