August 2018, I fell in love with an idea by Hayley Bells from UK to have a world wide women riders relay.  In the following year, this would develop from just an idea to a real relay with routes planning, designing a baton, selection of country Ambassadors and eventually the REAL RELAY.

One year later, August 2019,  having taken the role of The Ambassador for Kenya and Tanzania I made a decision to return home and participate in the relay in Kenya in January 2020.  When my husband said “your ticket has been purchased”, I knew there was no changing my mind.  I had been struggling with having to leave him alone so far away from home in Panama.  I just worried about the emotions he will have to go through seeing me have fun with friends and family back at home.  When he realized my struggle, he paid for my ticket.  He would eventually go through what I feared and that was one of my toughest times.

I landed in Kenya and started knocking doors for support.  I had left my bike in Panama in a government warehouse which we were paying 10 dollars per day and we paid this for 65 days in addition to other administrative costs, insurance and the air ticket.   During this time, a fan shared a poster with me of company that was exhibiting at The Village Market.  That marked the beginning of my relationship with Beth Mobility.

Amid my knocking door, talking to friends, frustrations and fears that I would possibly not be able to ride in the relay, I managed to get an appointment with the Director,  Mr Raul two weeks to the main Relay and the rest is history.  I started off with their CFMOTO250NK which I rode within Nairobi for one week. After which they upgraded me to the ZONTES310X.  I rode this bike for 15 days and 10 of those days in a long distance travel from Nairobi crossing Tanzania from north to south to the Tanzanian border with Malawi and back.  In total I covered about 3,500 kilometers.  I rode through two weathers.  Hot and dry and wet and rainy.  From this experience, I can share my take on this bike.

In this video I am sharing user experience rather than the technical review of the bike.  You can find the technical details of this bike here.

Watch and make sure to make a visit to Bethe Mobility showroom.  They have over 15 brands of motorcycles and something for any size of a pocket.  You have 200K or have 2 Million, there is a motorcycle for every wallet.

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    1. Wamuyu – Am a Kenyan motorcycle rider. Am currently riding around the world on my BMWF700GS. I am the first African woman to take up such an adventure. This journey will take about three years in which I want to have traveled through all the seven continents. My objective besides fulfilling my travel dream is to inspire my fellow African women, take the great stories of my country and continent out to the world as well as help other women from Africa travel.
      Wamuyu says:

      You can send an email on iride4helmets@gmail.com

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