What impression did we give of a nomad life or basically life on the road in the last two years of our travel?  Share the impression you got from us in the comment section, we are eager to hear your thoughts.

May be with our instagram, Facebook and blog posts, we joined the many travellers and digital nomads in showcasing this lifestyle as pure heavenly or may be we were more open and shared both sides of it.  This lifestyle is great, no doubt about it and I would hate to discredit any content out there that showcases it as that.  However, it also has its disadvantages and it is good to prepare for that too.  On this blog, you get a glimpse of what it is like to live on the road and more so, why I really miss that life.

After being back home for only fourteen days, I miss the road life already and wondering if getting an apartment and furnishing it was really a good idea.  I honestly think we should have given this more thought.  There are things that am absolutely loving about being home and having “our own place” but I still want to be out there traveling. As I write this, my husband is looking at the bank statement and scheduling a budget planning meeting.  The numbers are not looking good, they are way more than what we spend in a month on the road.  Home appliances and furnitures are obviously responsible for the that but so are other things that we have to spend on that we did not have to worry or think about.

The pandemic caught us off guard, we were not planning to come back home, at least not this year.

We were so ready to explore the USA all the way to Alaska this year.  So when the borders closed world wide, we knew the only option was to come back home.  Spending Kenya shillings abroad was not an option. We also could not do much traveling with the pandemic so it did not make much sense to stay abroad.  We went through the emotional process of accepting and planning our return home journey.  (You can see this on our instagram accounts ) and we are finally home.

If you have been considering a life on the road, you obviously need to stick around and read this article to the end.

What do I love most about coming back home and settling?

Am not all wistful about everything, there are definitely some really good things about settling down in one place called home again.

Coming back to the kids is one of them.  It was a long time apart and we are grateful to have the kids living with us again. So much to catch up on and do together.  We can’t wait to start exploring Kenya together.  There is so much to see in this country that sometimes I have wondered why we had to go see similar things abroad.  Story for another day.

The other big win of coming home is having our own kitchen and bed.  I have cooked in hundreds of kitchens and slept in equally hundreds of beds. Some extremely dirty kitchens and others that felt like home, queuing up for pots, plates and a chance to cook, loosing your food to some hostel mates and only discovering when your oil and onions are hot on the stove are just some of the experiences of shared kitchens.  

A shared kitchen in a hostel

Our accommodation included dormitories, sometimes with snoring people and smelling like a stink bomb exploded in the night from all the smelly shoes and farts.  We once slept in a 20 persons dormitory and that was it.  We agreed no more than 6 persons dormitory ever again. The tent was great but the thin mattresses left the hips aching after a few nights. Private rooms and airbnbs that were the rarest made the little heavens on the adventure. You now can understand why a kitchen and a bed tops the list of what we missed and are happy to have now.

Life in the dormitories
Life in a tent

Why do I miss the adventure, life on the road, nomad life?

Life on the road comes with a lot of advantages. The biggest of them all being travel,  you get to see and experience new places, cultures, foods and history.  The other advantages follow this one in no particular order.  It depends on once priorities, wishes and life plans.  Life on the road means being away from the routine of 9-5 and the office politics. Before the adventure, I changed jobs three times in a span of eighteen months.  The idea to travel the world came when I was on my third job. This was the worst phase in my career.  The adventure offered me the space to do something new. I quit and dedicated my time to planning the world tour. When we started off two years later, I was in a better space mentally and emotionally. I have no regrets for making that decision.

Departure 02.07.2018

The travel also cuts out a number of expenses and responsibilities.  Bills such as electricity, internet, phone, home improvement, cleaning and repairs were suddenly out of our budget. We rode into a camping grounds with our bare necessities (tent and food) or stayed in hostels, backpackers and on rare occasions we would take  an airbnb.  For an average of 10$ per person a night, we enjoyed a furnished and serviced space. Most of the times, we used the tent or we were hosted by families which made our monthly accommodation cost (read rent) for furnished and serviced space way less than 500$.  Now you see my point?

Coming back home and choosing to settle in one place means we have to take up all the bills from furnishing the apartment, rent,  electricity, internet, cleaning, detergents, security, water, repairs and food.  Cost of living while traveling can be very cheap depending on your choices and mode of travel.  The cost of our monthly home expenses can cater for several thousands of kilometres and  a number of experiences.

This is why I miss the road so much.  In the mean time, I will take time to enjoy  my coffee in pyjamas in my own kitchen every morning and sleeping on our own mattress with clean linen.

What excites you about life on the road or what do you miss most?


  1. Following your adventure for two years, I got to learn that with passion and determination anyone with a dream to travel beyond borders can do it ,you painted a true experience by sharing both the good and bad that you might have encountered. Through each story,I got to see how the world out there is full of happy,loving and ready to help hearts..With each post,blog and picture my adventure bug bite grew stronger !!!

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