The motorcycle sports calendar has been hit hard this year due to the pandemic. From Superbike Championship, to Enduro and Motorcross.

On January 27th 2020, The Superbike Association posted the 2020 annual calendar for the races. ” Hello Everyone! 2020 EASBC season is at hand 😄To our Esteemed Fans, get ready for unparalleled thrill and action. Save the Dates! Share with your friends!

The first race was to be on March 7th & 8th 2020, but unfortunately the world was shutting down due to the pandemic. Since then, that calendar got distorted. The dates changed as well as terms and conditions.

To begin with, all races this year, the Super-bike, enduro and motocross have remained closed events with no spectators to comply with covid requirements. The racers themselves have a limited number of people they can bring to the event. We are all out here spectating from the instagram photos, Facebook posts vlogs and blogs.

I was fortunate to get an opportunity to attend the recent race, The Savannah Trophy 2020 held on 2nd October 2020. I have previously been an online Spectator and this was my first time at a super bike racing event. I was there as a Marshal. Allowed into the event are, marshals (who play a great safety role. There would be no race without this team), technical support team, photographers and one or two family members. Being a marshal is not a ticket to watch the race. This is a dedicated role that requires utmost discipline, dedication and commitment but you also get to see the full action on the track. While enjoying the competition on the track, I started to play the role of a judge and did my own rating of the racers. My results were, these two are the future BIG NAMES in the racing history of Kenya and Africa.

There were several categories participating on the day. Sports 100 ( 100-199.99cc), Sports 200 (200-299.99cc), Supersports 300 (300-471cc), Supersports 400-750 cc, and Superbike 749-1,500cc.

My results were, these two are the future BIG NAMES in the racing history of Kenya and Africa.

Beatrice Chege a.ka. Tris (BETH MOBILITY)(Photo credits Kimani Mwaura @chasingrespect)

She won on her first ever track race!

For Beatrice a.k.a Tris, this was her first race ever. She was racing against Harmony Shikz, Konaine Yakub, Duncan Muriuki (all of Beth Mobility racing team), Peter Wanyoike and Joseph Kathoka (from Octane Club) who all have been on the racing track several times before with much more track experience than her. She emerged second. Her cornering and ability to defend her position while maintaining her speeds was impressive. Hers was a double win as she also put the CFMOTO 250 NK(2019) from Beth Mobility on a win too. A podium that is dominated by the Kawasakis and Hondas saw two CFMOTO250 NK (2019) take position 1 and 2. She was racing against the Kawasaki Z250 and Honda CBR 250R.

Tris on the track and second guarding her position (Photo credits Kimani Mwaura @chasingrespects

“He is a quiet humble man whose track skills are underestimated”.

Mention the name Acid Boy and what you hear next is; “he is a quiet humble man whose track skills are underestimated”.

Evans Muigai Mwangi a.ka. Acid Boy (OCTANE RACING)(Photo credits Kimani Mwaura @chasingrespect)

I first met Acid Boy at an Enduro race a month ago. He has the same reputation there as well. It does not matter whether he is crossing rivers, flying over rocks or climbing hills, once his hands are on the throttle, he has only one mission and goal – race and win. He has shocked many with his performance in racing both dirt and on the track.

Acid Boy during the Enduro race at Malu – Naivasha.

He was racing under the Octane Racing club in the Supersport 400cc -750cc category. However, being the only racer in the category, he was combined with the Superbike 749 – 1,500cc category. In essence, he was racing in the super bike category with a lower cc bike. He gave the racers in this category a good run for their money. He could however not be rated in the senior category. He remained the only participant in his category and overall winner too. Assuming he was rated in the senior category, Acid Boy would have come second if not first.

Acid Boy on the track (Photo credits Kimani Mwaura @chasingrespects

These two will definitely shake things up in the super bike championships. With only the endurance race remaining in this year’s calendar, there will not be much action on the track until next year. Look out for next year’s calendar. We hope that the races will be open to public next year and we all can go cheer the new champions.

What is your take on this? Put it in the comment sections below. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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