Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. Statistics show that it affects more men than women and leads to more death in men than women. Every year, the women bikers in Kenya celebrate the cancer month of October by creating cancer awareness, donating to an organisation that supports cancer patients and culminate the month with a ride. The entire month is dedicated to educating and creating cancer awareness among bikers, their families and the public at large. Topics such as early cancer detection, care, diet and prevention are covered during various organised forums.

In the previous years, the women bikers have supported Faraja Cancer Support. This year, the support was given to the Cancer Cafe which is founded by Muthoni Mate a breast cancer survivor. The Cancer café offers regular meeting forums for everyone touched by cancer where over a meal or drinks, the public consults with specialists, share, learn and more importantly bring back the dignity taken away by cancer.

Several activities were lined up for the month starting off with the “Pink Selfie Friday” where both women and men bikers took part by dressing in pink, taking selfies and shared them on their respective Instagram accounts with a cancer awareness message.

Though the pandemic has affected gatherings, the internet has provided a platform for The Cancer Cafe to be able to continue with the forums and jointly with the women bikers they held an online comprehensive conversation on breast health.

And finally the much anticipated BIKERS4BOOBIES ride on 24th October 2020.

Even the KTM’s covered their “tatas”

As early as 06:45 am, bikers started rolling in, one by one at the Shell Petrol Station – Parklands road for briefing and grouping for the ride. Over 60 riders including men gathered here for the ride to Savage Wilderness in Sagana. Punctuality was observed and as various groups were getting ready for their turn to depart, the riders enjoyed the snacks provided by one of the lady rider as they socialised. The grouping was based on skills and the beginner riders were the first to be flagged off at 07:00 am. Three more groups of not more than 15 riders each would follow and the last group was out by 08:30 am.

At the Savage Wilderness, a number of activities were scheduled. From team building activities to an interactive session with a cancer specialist on cancer related topics such as self breast examination, diet and early detection.

Photo credits: – @InkedSisterhood

Photo credits: – @Inkedsisterhood

This is a National event held annually by women from various women bikers clubs. It is vital to acknowledge the immense support given to the women by the men bikers during these event. Kudos. For more on the cancer ride and other activities on the women bikers calendar, follow the various clubs social media accounts below.


Women Bikers Association


  1. InkedSisterhood
  2. Throttle Queens

Details on how to donate to Cancer Cafe are on their Website and Instagram

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