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While traveling, you use 99% of public facilities and hygiene can be highly compromised in some places more than others. Whether you are traveling first class or staying in 5 star hotels, hygiene can never be guaranteed as all these are public places. Hygiene therefore becomes your responsibility regardless of the situation or place.

Staying healthy and maintaining your hygiene while on the road are the two most important things for any traveler. Unfortunately it calls for much more for women than men. Sometimes it gets hard depending of where you are traveling to and the activities you are undertaking. It is therefore advisable to bring a few extra items to ensure your hygiene and comfort.

I learned this the hard way while traveling. I had a great traveling toilet bag but it was big and always tacked away in my luggage. I also put large items in it since our travel was by road and we have no restrictions on what sizes or volumes to carry like it is when you are traveling by air. We could therefore carry about a months supply of toiletries. The only restriction or challenge we have is space since we travel by motorcycle. In the same toilet bag, I carry a lot of extras that I don’t use daily and so I can only best use it when I have more space and time. That is in the evenings and mornings when we have much more to do.

As a result, I would put a little toilet paper and may be one wet wipe in my jacket pockets. They are small and so I would only be able to carry very little in them. So most of the times, I found myself without one or the other of hygiene items. For example I had days that my menses came early than expected and all my sanitary towels and tampons would be tucked in my luggage. I would go to a bathroom and find there is no water, toilet paper and soap and the only item in my pocket would be a small piece of toilet paper or I would would use the bush for my bathroom and find I don’t have any bags to carry my used toilet paper or soiled sanitary towels to dispose properly later. All these experiences and challenges taught me a lesson. The frustration would be quite high sometimes too.

So I decided to kit my daily hygiene kit (bag) that could fit together with my water in the camel pack bag. This made my life so easy, clean and comfortable on the road. I never frowned anymore at the thought of needing a bathroom because I was now well prepared for any bathroom. Menses were never a mess again for me as well.

I am sharing what I have in my daily hygiene bag with you to help you get yours well kitted for your travel, office or daily commutes. I will soon be launching a daily hygiene bag with some cool extras that will make your days so awesome and no more bathroom headache.

Below is the list of what I have in my daily hygiene bag.

Items in my hygiene bag.
  1. Small pack toilet paper – They come well folded and small to fit one or two in your bag. Well wrapped that they stay clean and neat in your bag.
  2. Wet wipes – I use single pack wet wipes. They make life easier as they are small in size so you can pack many, you only use one at time and can put back the used one in the same pack to take away until you find a proper disposing place. The packaging keeps them clean, safe and no risk of drying out.
  3. Femi Bags – I just found this product and so I never had it when traveling. I always carried paperboys which were clumsy to carry with soiled sanitary pads in them. They are single bags for disposing sanitary towels, tampons and used wet wipes or any other used items that you may need to carry with you to dispose later.
  4. Sanitary towels and tampons – Carry at-least two pieces always whether you are on your menses or not. I have had times when my menses have come earlier than expected due to stress or change of weather and other times I have had to help a sister whose found themselves in the same situation or ran out.
  5. Dental floss and tooth picks – until you have that lunch and you trying to get the meat out of your teeth with your nails or tongue, then you appreciate having some tooth picks/dental floss with you. I also do not trust those tooth picks in restaurants that are not properly packed and you have no idea if people have touched them with their dirty hands while handling them.
  6. Tooth brush and paste – I keep a small tooth brush and paste because sometimes you eat foods that you would like to get the taste out of your mouth. Yes it does happen but also the dentist said, brush your teeth after every meal – right.
  7. Sunscreen – Sunscreen is a daily necessity. Whether the sun is scotching hot or it is cold, your skin is exposed to sun rays that are dangerous. You need to re-apply the sunscreen during the day and the number of times to do this depends on the SPF strength of your sunscreen and so carry it with you all the time.
  8. Liquid soap – take a small bottle of liquid soap, you can just get a little from your shower gel and carry it with you for hand wash or even face wash while on the road.
  9. Sanitizer – Sanitizer has become more important with the pandemic but this is one thing that I have always carried with me from long before the pandemic happened. Although I do not put it in my pack, I have a small bottle that I am able to hook on my jacket or bag as I use it a lot, you can have a little extra bottle in your pack for top up. Again check out our take away bottles coming up soon.
  10. Face masks – today it is mandatory to wear a facemark while in public. Although when riding you are protected by your helmet and balaclava, once you have your helmet out, you will need to wear a mask for your safety. It is also likely to drop yours in the dirt and without an extra one, you may have a problem. Keep at least two disposable ones in your hygiene pack.
  11. Deodorant or perfume – sometimes it gets pretty hot, sweaty and smelly. You can clean up with the wet wipes and then re-apply deodorant or just put on some perfume.
  12. Panty liners – Every girl knows panty liners are a life saver. Check out my other hack with panty liners in this video.
My sanitizer bottle. I hook it on my jacket or bag depending on where I am going and what I am using.

Staying healthy and maintaining hygiene calls for changing our habits and embracing simple hygiene care that is possible on the road. It costs less to have these items with you as you travel and they take up very little space and weigh very little so you don’t have to worry about how large and heavy they can be.

If you feel, smell and look great, you will enjoy your travel much more. There is nothing as bad as having that body odour in the presence of others.

What is in your hygiene pack that is not in mine and would make mine even better? Share in the comment sections.

I also hope this has been of value to you and your travels will get better and more comfortable.

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