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I am an adventure traveler, exploring the world since July 2nd 2018 on a motorcycle. I am fortunate to be traveling with my husband Dos Kariuki.  I am passionate about many things and quite often, I have found myself wanting to do all of them.  Being a jack of all trades is being a master of none and for that reason, I am a master of motorcycle travel, road safety and access to clean toilets for now.  This is where I share my crazy adventures and general experiences as a woman rider on a Kenyan passport traveling around the world. My blogs focuses on various topics surrounding travel and riding motorcycles.

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Overall, prevalence of helmet use in Kenya remains extremely low for various  reasons. Some that can be addressed with a sustainable and continuous campaign on education and sensitization of riders.  Others will involve the policy makers and enforcement authorities. While we have been grappling with these issues, the corona pandemic has eroded the small wins we …


I am an advocate for road safety.  As a motorcycle rider, good training in riding, safety gear and road courtesy are my main tools for staying safe on the roads.  The attitude, driving culture and use of the roads by other road users also determines largely if I will be safe or not.    I am passionate about sharing positive lessons, messages, educating and sensitizing the public on road safety.  My dream is to see each and every rider on our roads wear the necessary safety gear. A helmet, jacket, boots and knee protections.


Access to clean toilets.  As a woman traveling by road and motorcycle, I am continuously advocating  for clean toilets with water and paper.  Lack of accessible clean toilets for travelers has largely contributed to environmental pollution with plastics especially.  Lets get the diapers and sanitary towels in the right place and save the universe.



Since I started riding and traveling on motorcycles, I have received admirations from people all over the world.  People are generally surprised when they find out I am a woman riding a motorcycle as my sole means of travel across countries and continents.

Every time this happens, I think of the girl or boy somewhere in the world doubting their ability to achieve their dream. My mission is to inspire the girls and boys, women and men to face their fears and doubts and achieve those dreams.  There is no age limit to achieving your dream. All dreams are valid. It is never too late.


I have had a couple of interviews. Below are the links. I hope that you learn something from my life’s journey.  Use my contact page to reach me for questions or a chat.

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