As the tittle of the site goes, my name is Wamuyu Kariuki.  A mother of two teens (Girl & Boy). An entrepreneur and an adventure junkie. An African woman from Kenya touring the world on a motorcycle.   I blog about being a Black African woman on a motorcycle, traveling the world with children schooling back in Kenya. I feature life lessons and travel on both this blog and our travel blog Throttle Adventures. My husband and I are on the road for the next 3 years from 2nd July, 2018.


I got to that point in life where one needs to re-evaluate their life or just do something different.  I chose something different. Trained in motorcycle riding in October 2015. Been riding almost daily since then.  Discovered the motorcycle travel and am hooked.


Since leaving formal employment, i have had a little more time in my hands and i do a bit of travel on my motorcycle.  My recent trip is the current world tour we are on with my husband.


I have had a couple of interviews. Below are the links.

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  8. BBC News also honored us with an interview.
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  11. African News by Reuters on our world tour. It is in French.
  12. KBC our National Broadcasting interview.
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  15. On TV this is how things went down.  
  16. One award winning blogger wrote this.
  17. Second time i met Thomas Rajula and he still had more to say about me.
  18. My first interview with Thomas, oooh my i was so so scared.  I had not done one before and was really afraid of telling about me. You can read it here.