243 Reasons – Why am going to ride around the world – Reason 1: FOR ME AND MY KIDS.


Its exactly 243 days to the departure of the world Bike tour. I will share one reason everyday, why am doing the trip. Let's call it #243reasons. To support donate here You can also read about our riding around the world here  I am doing this for me and my kids. You are asking how? How …

King Bird KB 400 cc


When the up-grade bug bites, it bites hard and one can not ignore it.  "Up-grade" means raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components. In the biking terms, the meaning is more the same. It means getting a bigger bike in terms of engine capacity and performance …

Across Tanzania on my bike


I owe my trip to Tanzania to Anja Blue and Carsten Weisner .When Anja and Carsten started planning their riding tour from Kenya to South Africa, we agreed on riding together in Kenya from Naivasha to Lake Baringo.  My plans changed and i was not able to meet them for this ride.  They left Kenya while …

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