Who are we?
We are a Kenyan open minded couple that loves traveling and motorcycling.  Dos, has done a mini of the trip.  He did Kenya to South Africa and back in 2015 on a 180 cc bike traveling through 9 countries and covering over 10,000 kilometers. I am taking on the big one with him this time round. Imagine us telling your Kenyan story to the world?
Why around the world on motorbikes and not car, ship or plane that is commonly used?
For the longest, the story of Kenya has been told by foreigners.  We want to take the story of Kenya to the world.  Ridden and delivered on Kenyan motorbikes. We want as many as possible to visit Kenya because we will tell them unlike the news, Kenya is safe, beautiful and the ultimate destination for your holiday.
We also want to explore the world beyond the Kenyan borders, beyond prejudices and beyond the usual comfort zone. We want to see the world with our own eyes, make our own experiences and enjoy foreign countries, cultures and traditions. We want to unite Kenyan relationships with many countries in the world. We will be the ambassadors of peace, tourism, diplomatic relationships and more for our country Kenya.
To support us on this journey click on the link below.  For Kshs 250/- you will have helped us travel a kilometer.